Guelph Ball Hockey League





"Lead, Develop, and Promote Positive Hockey Experiences."




1 - We will maintain quality by paying attention to detail in meeting every player’s desire to play ball hockey in either a recreational or competitive environment regardless of gender, colour, race, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.


2 – We will provide a positive ball hockey experience for all participants in a safe, sportsmanlike environment.


3 - We will use all our resources wisely with integrity of purpose.


4 - We will ensure that our activities reflect needs in communities in all parts of Halton Hills.


5 - We will maintain effective working relationships with all areas of sports: local, provincial, national and international.


6 - We will conduct our activities with professionalism, efficiency, integrity and consideration.


7 - We will work to create an accessory environment that promotes discussion, understanding, individual and team development.


8 – We will promote teamwork, hard work and determination to achieve short and long term goals.


9 - We will remember and treat with respect our sport’s national history; never losing sight of the passion and dedication that makes everyone in our nation want to play, contribute and honour the great sport of ball hockey.


10 - We will follow Hockey Canada’s Mission Statement "Lead, Develop, and Promote Positive Hockey Experiences."


11 – We will assist to develop life skills, honesty, integrity, dignity, self-esteem and respect for all people by all participants.


12 - We will always strive to maintain transparency and growth; clarity and advancement; accuracy and improvement.